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Nadia Shakoor

Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
Senior Research Scientist
Nadia Shakoor is a Senior Research Scientist at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center and the Project Director of multiple multi-institutional and international projects including the Bill and Melinda Gates-funded Sorghum Genomics Toolbox initiative and the DOE ARPA-E TERRA-REF (terraref.org) project that has deployed the world's largest field crop sensing and analytics robot and is currently being used for precision high-throughput phenotyping of energy sorghum. She is a crop phenotyping expert and co-invented the PheNode, the core sensor platform technology of her startup, Agrela Ecosystems (agrelaeco.com), where she is CEO and co-founder. Her research interests are using genetics and breeding, automation, remote plant sensing, genomics and computational analytics to develop the best possible crops for bioenergy and food.