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Alteria Automation
As main investor and promoter of Alteria Automation Jose Ramón Vigil is a Telecommunications Engineer by the Madrid Polytechnic University (U.P.M.) with major of Radio Frequency and Microwave systems. He completed his technical education with postgraduate courses and Cellular Systems at UCLA (University California In Los Angeles) and R.F. design (Georgia Tech) in Atlanta, USA. At the age of 19, he created his first startup KILOWATT SA, a communications security engineering company. He sold his stake to a Venture Capital fund. In the United States, he started up a marine electronics company at a yacht repair facility in Ft Lauderdale, Florida that he sold to his partner in 2015 to start ALTERIA AUTOMATION. Jose Ramon has 30 years of experience in hardware development, industrial design and development of high technology communications products in companies that he has promoted, as C.E.O. and board member. Jose has given several lectures and conferences on Predictive Maintenance and related technologies. He is completing a book on Predictive Maintenance, Industrial IoT and the creation of A.I. putting together years of investigations and development that will be published this coming fall.