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Dr. Vijaya Kayastha

Brewer Science
Lead Device Development Engineer
Dr. Vijaya Kayastha is a Lead Device Development Engineer at Brewer Science, Inc. Dr. Kayastha has been in the carbon nanotube (CNT) field for last 18 years and has a broad range of experience in CNT synthesis and CNT-based device technologies such as sensors, thin-film transistors, electron field emission, and lithium-ion micro-batteries. Over the last 10 years, Dr. Kayastha has been extensively involved in printed sensors, devices, and materials, and he is leading and involved in the development and commercialization of multiple types of printed sensors including printed temperature, moisture, flex, pH, ionic conductivity, and VOC sensors. Dr. Kayastha has successfully led and has been actively involved in multiple government projects in developing a multitude of printed sensors. He has presented his work at many international conferences such as MRS, APS, Nanotech, Printed Electronics, TechConnect, Sensors Expo, and FlexTech, among others. He has published more than 28 technical papers and book chapters on CNTs and devices in major peer-reviewed journals.